• How is PCM used to motivate people?

    The Process Communication Model allows you to identify the personality structure of each team member. Each type of personality has its strengths, preferred interaction styles, preferred environments, its own psychological needs, and predictable stress sequence. read more

  • Can we learn anything from books?

    You ask what a silly question. We learn from books, at least the older generation, the younger ones are learning everything from the Internet. But did you really learn it or did you just learn about it? read more

  • Online Assessment Personal Pattern Inventory

    The first step in identifying your personality structure is to fill out our on-line Personality Pattern Inventory. After completing it you will get your personality “condominium” profile, which will allow you to know your individual personality composition. read more

  • Why we do free workshops?

    The initial PCM workshop is an amazing way to get a basic understanding of the Process Communication Model in short 2 hours. We believe, we can help others to communicate more effectively. Imagine what we could do if we would understood each other better. PCM brings exactly this knowledge to help you. read more