• PCM I

    basic concepts

    2-day interactive training focused on introducing basic PCM concepts. Upon completion, participants will gain practical tools to identify personality types, their preferred communication channels, improve communication, and prevent conflicts. The prerequisite for participation is the answering of the Personal Pattern Inventory (PPI).

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  • PCM II

    advanced concepts

    2-day interactive training to introduce advanced PCM concepts. Upon its completion, participants will deepen their knowledge of personality types, their stress sequences and acquire communication procedures for their positive solution and use in personal communication or management.

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  • FREE PCM for your Team

    creative way to learn about PCM for FREE

    2 hour workshop about PCM with fun exercises and discussion. Practical testing of PCM concepts and excellent background for further PCM training decisions. Inspiration for work teams, schools or organizations that perceive communication as an important part of their functioning.

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  • PCM Key to Me

    in-depth personality profile

    Detailed personality profile and personal consultation (1 hour) to develop your unique skills and personality traits. The focus is on self-awareness, identification of positive behavior and consequently stress sequences. Excellent introduction to PCM.

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  • PCM Sales Profil

    how you sell and why you fail personal report

    A detailed personality profile and personal consultation (1 hour) to focus on your sales skills, work and communication preferences. It reveals your strengths and identifies factors that contribute to stressful client behavior. It provides a strategy for preventing stress sequences.

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Every month we offer a short introductory workshop about PCM for free for all. The only condition is to registre to reserve your seat.  Come, play and learn with us about Process Communication Model.

Introduction to Process Communication model, types of perception and communication. Get to know yourself and others.


Basic introduction of the scientifically awarded discovery Process Communication Model® and practical communication exercises aimed at identifying participants' personality, demonstrating different perceptions of individual personality types and preferred communication channels. Discussion about sources of communication conflicts and possibilities of their solution.