Why we do free workshops?

The initial PCM workshop is an amazing way to get a basic understanding of the Process Communication Model in short 2 hours. We believe, we can help others to communicate more effectively. Imagine what we could do if we would understood each other better. PCM brings exactly this knowledge to help you.

The Process Communication Model was developed in the 1970s by Dr.Taibi Kahler. The knowledge of PCM has been used by only a small range of professionals who have been trained by Kahler personally and strict copyrights have kept this amazing concept out of reach of general public for years. The concept is based on the theory of transaction analysis and focused on establishing optimal communication with patients. Kahler's work The Miniscript, which was awarded the Eric Berne Award, offered the scientific guide to quickly establish contact with anyone based on their observed behavior during communication.

Today PCM is available to everybody through certified trainnings, but is little known in Slovakia. Our aim is to provide basic knowledge about this best kept secret of American psychology (author's opinion :-) to the general public.

As my colleague, Dr. Janko Smik, says "experience is not transferable, you need to live through it".  Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to experience this unique concept for yourself and your team. During a few playful hours in your premises, the worskhop is executed in an entertaining form and with practical exercises that will enrich your communication skills and will make you to see the world as never before.

Don't worry and try it. We are looking forward to you.