Why learn PCM?


PCM® is an innovative communication and personality model that enables you to understand, motivate and communicate effectively with your environment. We started using PCM for our own communication trainings and activities and we want to spread it further. Since 1978, PCA has used NASA to select astronauts and build effective teams, today you can use it.

The Process Communication Model® offers reliable and proven methods of identifying and understanding the personality structure, explaining the impact of life events on a particular personality and communication dynamics among people. Based on the scientifically acclaimed clinical discovery of PCM, more than a million people from five continents from various areas (such as management, business, sales, education, politics, medicine, interpersonal relationships, etc.) have been trained in Process Communication Model.

NASA uses PCM since 1978

NASA began using PCM (Process Communication Model®) in astronaut selection and education as early as 1978, when it hired Dr. Taibi Kahler to advise on the astronaut selection process. One of his tasks was to identify the types of personality and to choose those who understand each other better and can work together.

The reason was obvious - cosmonauts will spend a lot of time confined in a small space, in stressful and potentially dangerous situations. While working on this project, he used a PCM model that NASA then used as a basic tool for astronaut selection.

Today, the model is used by directors and managers of large companies and corporations, leading politicians and psychologists, and YOU can!

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Dr. Taibi Kahler

Process Communication Model® was created by American psychologist and university professor Taibi Kahler in the mid-seventies. He studied interpersonal communication and, while working with clients, noticed that there were certain patterns in everyday behavior that were associated with specific positive and negative responses to certain things and events. He also saw a number of negative reactions that were associated with stress. Taibi concludes that based on what your partner says and how he / she behaves, you can reliably predict his / her reactions in various stressful situations.

For his scientific work The Miniscript, on which the Process Communication Model® is based, was Dr. Taibi Kahler was awarded the Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award in 1977 by the International Transaction Analysis Association and recognized by experts as the "Nobel Prize in Psychology".

Dr. Taibi Kahler

Using PCM for your business

The Process Communication Model® offers a variety of tools for competence development within your organization. The strength of this approach lies in the originality of the model, which allows you to prepare this training investment to match your company's strategy and the needs of your employees.

  • Management

    PCM will help to improve communication, employee motivation and work and work space organization

  • Sales

    Get to know your client and get great results

  • Team building

    Improve teamwork and reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings and conflicts

  • Individual coaching

    Raising awareness and meeting potential

  • Team koučovanie

    Maximasing talent

  • Conflict management

    Relieving tension and resolving conflicts

  • Recruitment

    How to make the best decision and choice to fit your team

  • Trainers and trainees

    Streamline trainning and learing of new competencies

Types of personalities according to PCM

Dr. Kahler's behaviour and personality research has confirmed that each of us is a unique mix of six clearly defined personality types.

Each personality type is characterized by specific behavior, its strengths and has its psychological needs. Each type recognizes and perceives the world in its preferred way and prefers its favorite communication channels. Dr. Kahler has proven that each type has its predictable stress sequence - the behavior it demonstrates under stress. It is the ability to predict behavior under stress that is one of the main advantages of PCM in management, communication or personal growth.

In PCM we talk about personality types in people. We use different types of behavior and ways of communicating with different types of personalities. Our personality is composed of all six personality types, some of which are natural for us, other require greater effort.

The first step in identifying your personality structure is to fill out our on-line Personality Pattern Inventory. After completing it you will get your personality “condominium” profile, which will allow you to know your individual personality composition.

More about personality types

PCM trainning and consultancy services

  • PCM I

    basic concepts

    2-day interactive training focused on introducing basic PCM concepts. Upon completion, participants will gain practical tools to identify personality types, their preferred communication channels, improve communication, and prevent conflicts. The prerequisite for participation is the answering of the Personal Pattern Inventory (PPI).

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  • PCM II

    advanced concepts

    2-day interactive training to introduce advanced PCM concepts. Upon its completion, participants will deepen their knowledge of personality types, their stress sequences and acquire communication procedures for their positive solution and use in personal communication or management.

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  • FREE PCM for your Team

    creative way to learn about PCM for FREE

    2 hour workshop about PCM with fun exercises and discussion. Practical testing of PCM concepts and excellent background for further PCM training decisions. Inspiration for work teams, schools or organizations that perceive communication as an important part of their functioning.

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  • PCM Key to Me

    in-depth personality profile

    Detailed personality profile and personal consultation (1 hour) to develop your unique skills and personality traits. The focus is on self-awareness, identification of positive behavior and consequently stress sequences. Excellent introduction to PCM.

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  • PCM Sales Profil

    how you sell and why you fail personal report

    A detailed personality profile and personal consultation (1 hour) to focus on your sales skills, work and communication preferences. It reveals your strengths and identifies factors that contribute to stressful client behavior. It provides a strategy for preventing stress sequences.

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Every month we offer a short introductory workshop about PCM for free for all. The only condition is to registre to reserve your seat.  Come, play and learn with us about Process Communication Model.

Introduction to Process Communication model, types of perception and communication. Get to know yourself and others.


Basic introduction of the scientifically awarded discovery Process Communication Model® and practical communication exercises aimed at identifying participants' personality, demonstrating different perceptions of individual personality types and preferred communication channels. Discussion about sources of communication conflicts and possibilities of their solution.