Types of personalities according to PCM

The Process Communication Model identifies 6 types of personality that are represented in each of us. One type of personality is the most natural for us and we call it the Base. Each type has its preferred perception, communication channel and style of interaction.

6 Personality Types by Process Communication Model:


thinks that if everyone were logical, there would be fewer problems. Thinking can solve any conflict or problem. They want the facts. "I mean …."


believes that basic virtues are values. Their opinion is very strong and they have developed strong beliefs in most areas of their lives. When they meet someone or something, they present their opinion first. "I believe ..." "I believe ..."


feels first. They believe that if each of us truly and truly cared for each other, there would be less (and more harmony) in the world "I feel…"


expects external stimulus (incentive), favors time for reflection and guidance to encourage them to act. "Just tell me what to do ..."


does not think like Logik, has no opinion like Perzister, does not feel like Harmonizer and does not expect instructions / guidance like Imaginer. Rebel reacts - I like or dislike. Life must be fun. "Wow!", "Awesome!" Or "I hate ..."


responds to reality through action. "Do it." Go ahead. "